Greek Festival Brisbane - The Backpack Journal

West End is one of Brisbane’s most lively and diverse neighbourhoods. It’s like a cultural melting pot. Most pronounced however, is the Greek influence. In the 1920’s, a lot of Greeks emigrated to Australia. Many of them settled down in Brisbane with its warm climate. Back in the days, West End was one of Brisbane’s outer suburbs. Accomodation was cheap and with its close proximity to the city, work was easy to find. These conditions made West End the perfect spot for new migrants. Nowadays, the Greek community is one of Brisbane’s biggest group of minorities. About 120.000 Greeks inhabit the city. Many if them still live in and around West End. While discovering the neighbourhood you’ll find many Greek restaurants, café’s and bars. It’s like little Greece. There are even some Greek Orthodox churches and every year the Greek community organises a huge festival in Musgrave Park. The Paniyiri Festival.

We visited the Paniyiri Festival in May 2019. Paniyiri is a fun fair with lots of food, music and dance. Watch our Quick Impression video.