How to build new relations and find love abroad with Tinder?

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South Australia tests backpackers and seasonal workers for Covid-19

South Australia tests backpackers and seasonal workers for Covid-19

Australia has been doing really well in preventing the spread of the corona virus throughout the country. Many states have been Corona free for a while now. Measures like border screening and virus testing have been very successful so far. However, the covid-19 tests have only been available for a selected group of people at risk. This group will now be extended with seasonal workers, including backpackers.

Nowadays it’s easier then ever before to start a new adventure, make new friends or find love abroad by using Tinder. Tinder recently introduced a new option, which let”s you “flly” across the world, to any city of your choice and to connect with people wherever you want. So what holds you back to keep exploring and live the dream?

What is Tinder Passport?

“Passport” is the name of Tinder’s feature that allows you to set your location anywhere in the world. The feauture has been temporarilly for free during the first month after the outbreak of covid-19, but unfortunately, now it’s only available for Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold members. What the feauture does is that it allows you to set any city in the world as your current location. When you do this, you will be able to match new people in your choosen city. For example, one living in Los Angeles can select Perth as the current location and will then only be able to match locals from Perth and its surroundings. However, when you move on to a new location by changing your current location, people from your previous destination want be able to find you again in their pile and vise versa.

Worldwide dating, couple
Nowadays it’s easier then ever before to find love abroad. Where will you find your second half?

Will Tinder introduce a “real” worldwide feauture?

Tinder will release a real worldwide feauture in the near feauture according to . It will be different then Tinders’ Passport feauture in a way that your with the worldwide feauture your current geographic location want really matter. When you activate the new wordlwide mode, you will be able to match people all over the globe and people from anywhere will be able to match you! For example, if you live in London and activate the worldwide mode, you will be able to match people from Paris, Bangalore, or peking…. distance doesn’t play a role anymore. Sounds Cool? It definitely is!

Will Tinder introduce a video feauture?

Tinder is working on new video functionality. Ofcourse onine dating isn’t anything like the real thing. After the first flirts and chats, you want to get to know the person in real life. To address this a little bit and help you to have a more real dating experience where you can really see the other person and have live conversations, Tinder is working on new video feautures. One of the feautures will be the obvious one-on-one videochat, but Tinder is exploring new and fun ways to get to know your new crush as well. There are rumors that hey are working on in-app Trivia.

Why is Tinder a great dating app for travelers and backpackers?

With its new feautues, Tinder becomes one of the most interesting Dating platforms for travelers and backpackers. While still at home, you can already connect with local people and prepare for your arrival in a new country. The trip itself becomes more then just a new destination. You will meet your new flirt or potential partner, who also knows everything about local life and culture. When there is that magical “click” in person, she might take you on a date to the the most beautiful locations and best bars and restaurants in here area.

So.. excited? What’s going to be your next holiday destination? The city whit the most matches? The location where you had the most interesting conversations? Or the place where you found the most beautiful people? It’s all up to you and your imagination! Tinder on and good luck :)!

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